Sembcorp Orientation program

Yishun Safra Country Club.

not a bad place, seems like the biggest Safra in SG?
there’s like high elements, rock climbing in it sio!
and even live(?) firing range?

reached kinda early than the meeting time.
gosh, the commercial people still have to worry about their work even if they are on course.
how sad. but luckily i dont have to worry about my work. HAHA.

was super happy to see yana there too.
i thought she will be too busy to even be able to go there.

was also surprise to see Ernest there too.
i thought he has been in the coy for quite some time already. ๐Ÿ˜†

at first i was like have Junwen, Kelvin, Peter there will be good enough.
coz at least i know some people that will be going.
but having Ernest and Yana there was surprising. ^^

but ended up Yana, Junwen and Peter at another team. ๐Ÿ˜
luckily got Kelvin and Ernest with me still.

HOHO. Ernest was like super high singing Mayday song at certain point.
stupid guy that keep insisting he’s around my age. lolol.


seriously speaking,
other than the canopy high elements, all other indoor games/activity i can conduct de loh!
okay, maybe the first two engagers I can’t since it wasn’t the same.
but the rest like “Team Link” and “Turn Over A New Leaf” and the rope jumping one all i can conduct de.
all these were from Agape and Camp High lo. =.=

our trainer’s debriefing is not that good also.
though i have to admit he’s confirm better than me. …

while playing the games, it makes me think Agape’s TTT.
I really miss the bunch of us strangers coming together randomly and becoming closer just in less than 48 hours.
Agape were more strict on the rules of the games, as compared to Safra.
i was like what the shit we complete the game so fast?!
while we took an hour plus in Agape. =.=

I really like being a trainer, too bad i ain’t talented.
plus it’s not suitable for a full time job.


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