He’s into his 4th week alrdy.


That’s fast, i can still remeber the scene whereby he falls in and his Sir ask the new recruits to wave to us say goodbye. Hahhhh..

Not a very awesome weekend i must admit.
But nevertheless, this should be the last time he will be booking put on a Friday already.
If i’m not wrong, they will be taking their IPPT this week.
Which means failing it will requires them to do RT (remedial training) meaning booking out on Sat instead..

Praying for a smooth route march for the guys tomorrow! โค

Btw, not feeling as sad as i did last sunday.
Maybe coz i didnt went to see him off.
But i kinda tear a wee bit on Sat when he hugged me to sleep.
Hah, but he never noticed..
Was too moody and all on Sat. Lolll!

Ooh oh, and i did pumping with him.
And he commented mine wasnt the really guys standard.
I’m like rawr! At least my standard is better then most girls alrdy who only can do the girls style.
And i did a couple of diamond push up though didnt went down all the way as he said.
And i learnt thar i actually did wide arm pumping instead of norm ones. =.=
So that’s what i have been doing all these years. Wtf. Lolll!

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