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my dearest boyfriend first bookout!
woohooooo, like finally.

awesome much coz i havent seen him in more than 2 weeks!
that’s the first for both of us yeah!

met him 3 days straight and i was really really happy ttm!

took a whole day off wanting to fetch him.
but in the end i’lm a wee bit late didn’t managed to see his bunk mates.
but i saw CHUA MX! i think he look pretty normal in his smart 4 and jocky cap.
for Weilei i think he look funny lehhh, like too short or something. :X
took train with him and send him home. ((:

met him and MX again to go The Chevrons SAF E-MART to get their extra things.
kiasu boyf bought more things then what MX bought. LOL!
went back to his house to slack and etc.
and i helped him pack his fieldpack!!
felt so accomplished coz i help him fold nicely and squeeze in the ziplock bags.
had dinner with him and his brother over at pepper lunch. (:

went to his aunty house to celebrate his grandfather’s birthday.
first time officially meet his mother’s side relatives.
huge loads number of people and his little cousin Taylor is pretty cute and hyper!
most of the time is his cousin giving him advice for army things lah.
i also listen coz i find i pretty interesting.
teaching him how to wear his boots faster, and many other little tricks.
and mostly of his experiences 3 years back.
on the way to booking in, he was so emotional but i have no idea how to cheer him up.
breaks my heart to see him like this but i’m a dumb girlf that dk how to distract him. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
oh well, i shall learn how to cheer people up!
send him to pasir ris and i FINALLY saw Kiefer and Hong Yi. LOL!
seriously, they look like how they did 8 years ago.
and they have a tall and handsome looking bunk mate.:D
i had a virgin try of buying cigarettes. blame his platoon mates. ๐Ÿ˜†

can’t wait for this week to end.
for him to book out again. ๐Ÿ™‚
i hope army will really shape him to be stronger in every aspects.


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