this friday will truely be TGIF!

coz my dearest boyfriend is finally booking out after 2 weeks plus of confinement.

i really can’t wait to see him.
so what if i can’t hold hands with him and etc coz he’s wearing uniform.
but i think the joy of seeing him after 16 days will surpress all.
bless me that i have the determination to not hug him once i see him. LOL!

i can’t wait to see him..
like i really have no idea how he looks like now.
with his botak head, dunno if he has become darker or redder anot.
or if he had finally slimmed down anot. HAHAHA.

i can’t imagine him marching, learning first aid like doing CPR.
HAHAH, everything that i used to did in Girl Guides. ((:

awwwww mannn, can i take picture with him in his smart 4? ๐Ÿ˜†


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