WEILEI’s birthday celebration(s).

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on the 12th August 2011:

special thanks to HuiShi for taking the time and effort to plan a dinner/movie/overnight at rick house outing for everyone.
thanks to Alicia, Si Qi, Derrick, Perry, Cing Shi, Ci Bin and ofc HuiShi for attending.
and for treating me and weilei to the newyork newyork! ๐Ÿ˜€
you bunch of humji guys that don’t dare to say that you’re treating him for dinner!

I skipped the movie coz it was already very late.
and went home via the MRT with Alicia.
and i actually find talking to Alicia very hmmm, good? calming? HAHA.

13th August 2011:

“surprised” him with peifen and gang at Orchard Central’s Everything with Fries.
kinda failed a bit coz he saw the message the Chua MX sent me. LOL!

superb love the chocolate moose cake thing that they bought.
and they made cards for him to, and 1 from me for him. LOL!
what a sweet bunch. HAH! ((x

spammed photos so darn much that it has to be divided into 2 albums on FB.
crazy bunch of people full of laughter! โค


I am really really glad to know the whole bunch of his commonwealth friends. ((:
HuiShi and gang, Peifen and gang. HAHA. feels very fortunate for Willy & me! โค


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