why 1 shirt only?!

today went over to race course road to get my uniform for the kopitiam work.
and each of us (jiahao, & his 2 friends) only got a shirt for like a 6 days work?!

i think i’m gonna heck about the uniform most of the time.
how can i keep wearing it seh.
esp since i’ll be doing Bukit Batok for most nights this week.
hot and humid and sweaty omg bless me. ๐Ÿ˜

maybe i’ll wear it tomorrow? LOL.

should i take up the dental assistant job?
even though i said i’ll be there next week and it’s kinda confirm.
but the pay is horrible till i’m contemplating about it still.

supposedly $1k/month, around $5.6/hour.
but they will train me on how to operate the various equipments and handling the materials etc.
have 5% sales commissions if i sell their oral products, and also a bit if i sell other packages like whitening.
OT pay at $6/hour after 44 hours/week.
might end work at horrible 10.30pm depending on customers.
of course, saturday and sunday think need to work.

this is frustrating!
omg please esther from recruit express you are all so great and enthu in helping me find job but i really really hope that the employers get back to you like within this week.


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