Blogging from incredible s!

Oppsssss, been super obsessed with my new phone that I’ve lost the motivation to use my laptop!

Hahh, I think smartphones are awesome!
They can really replace a computer ehhh!!
Ofc, you still cant play maple in your phone.. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Alright, still trying to get used to a smartphone.
Esp the keypad ahhhhh.
Typos everywhere! So easily pressed the caps.
UGHHHHH! and the symbols buttons.
Maybe I’ll have to replace with another keypad like the swype.

Downloaded so many apps, gonna experiment with them all.
Hahhhh! :p

Okayyyyyy, that’s about it.
I really hope to get a job soon pleaseeeee.

Environmental engineering jobs are really super hard to find! )):


Anything to say?

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