Incredible S or Desire S ?

A run down on what’s happening:
in case you guys dunno, i’ve been using my dad’s corporate plan for idk how many years already.
and i’ve been aiming for HTC Desire Z for a couple of months.

there, the dilemma, no Desire Z on promotion, but only Incredible S & Desire S.
so, more research have to be done whether if i should insist on Desire Z or go for either of the 2.

so my outcome was, to hell with Desire Z.
the RAM, processor, internal storage was lousier than the above 2.
do i seriously need to spend nearly $150 more for just a qwerty keypad that i love?

then again, I’ve been using Samsung Jet which is a touchscreen phone.
why can’t i get use to a touchscreen qwerty keypad? ๐Ÿ˜†

so, 1 option down, 2 to settle.

HTC Incredible S VS HTC Desire S.
the above website says everything.
Both of them as super similar.
the only difference are that IS (incredible s) have a bigger 4″ screen, 8MP camera, 1.3MP front camera.
but, by default it’s given a Android 2.2 (froyo) OS.
as compared to DS that is by default a Android 2.3 (gingerbread) OS.

PS: omg i didn’t realise there’s a honeycomb OS?!

is it gonna be worth me a $110 for a bigger screen that i dun really mind,
a 3MP difference of the primary camera that i dun care,
and a1.3MP front camera compared to DS of VGA camera. which will be the deciding point.

a very important point to note, BOTH IS & DS do not have a hard camera button.
which means to say that if there’s a need to camwhore,
I’ll be using the front camera right?

plus the fact that I’m a jobless person and 100 bucks is like quite a far bit.

but then again, i was so mad happy when i found a blogshop selling so many pretty Incredible S casing.
ONLY incredible S have pretty cute ones you know.

any more kind souls out there wanna weight the pros and cons for me?
comment below okay? by the 27th June 2011 thankyouverymuch!!


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