today’s a happy dayyyyy!


swimming in the morning aloneee.
great achievement because i think i managed to do 6 laps plusplus.
plus plus is because i can’t take the fact that i can’t swim freestyle on the regular lap,
so i went to swim freestyle with the shorter horizontal distance. LOL.

i believed i worked my muscles super lots this time.
it’s like i completed all this beneath an hour. HOHO.

aww mannnn, i need Yi Lan to motive me to take long breaks for me to swim freestyle the normal way.

yeyyy and i have a super great afternoon with baby today.
went over to gek poh to takeaway food for us and his brother.
went back to his house, eat slack, play. weeeeee~

the perfect dating recipe.
full of hugs and kisses with loveeee.
it’s like *sigh* you have all the time in the world and just be in each other arms.
that relax feeling is never gonna be when we’re just hanging outside.

i super super love hanging out at his house.
even with his brother randomly walking in his room and anger him. 😆

always makes me dun feel like going home and squeezing on the MRT.


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