crystal jade steamboat buffet on friday!

finally finally met up with my secondary school friends for dinner!
Jing Yi, Kiti, Bao Ting, Wang Zhi. ๐Ÿ˜€

super super long never see Bao Ting alreadyyyy!
has been three long years i think, after secondary schools.
mannnn, hate them for studying at SP. ๐Ÿ˜†

too bad our dear Yan Ling is having a fever if not it will be the 6 of us!

i think we ate all the way from 7.40 till 9 plus. HOHO.
super loads of xiaolongbaos, 10 baskets of 5. my god.
everytime Bao Ting & Jing Yi get 1 basket they will pick 1 and give me eat. ๐Ÿ˜
this is like the first time i ate soooo many xiaolongbaos.
even though it’s like 5 or so only. HAHAHAH!!
we had super lots of different kind of mushrooms toooo.
oyster mushrooms, enoki, the normal ones, and 1 other idk what kind.
hmmm, but my favourite wasย surprisinglyย some Gui Hua jelly dessert.
it tasted sweet and fragrant. NICE!

awww mannn, hope we will meet up more often.
it’s like a few months kinda thing..

but i dun wanna have buffet next time!
it’s like ohmygod fattening. HHAH!! ;P


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