16th months! <3

even though he never asked me out because it was our 16th months..
but at least the day before the 8th he remember our monthsary..



anyway in the morning before i met my baby i went to get my 2 for S$20 OPI nail polish at chinatown.
awesome deal by streetdeal!
gotten myself “Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous” & “You Don’t Know Jacques!

then went to churp churp office to get my pair of free GV movie tickets!
it’s available to use till next year sehhh.
but we used it instantly. LOLLL.

okayyyy, so we went to watch X-Men: First Class.
seriously, i wasn’t even the least tempted to watch it
but thennnn, baby wanna watch, so yehh loooo.
the whole movie i was so confused. i know nothing about X-Men ..
but it was alrightttt lahhh. the effects, the moves are nice.

shit ass, I WANNA WATCH PANDA!! 😐
stupid boyf dun want!

I wanna watch the happy feet 2 that’s gonna air soonnnn.

but awesome torty paid for everything. ^^
this, will be the first and last time he will pay for everything.
i hope i’ll have a great job soon!


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