life’s a mess now

so what if i’ve graduated.
life is a stupid mess now that i have no direction.

no university as both NUS & NTU have rejected me.
and i’m just gonna appeal on what they have rejected me.
JOKE i know, but there’s no other courses that i wanna go.

work is like a bullshit now.
sentry duties for this week again.
the purpose of me joining Agape is to be a camp trainer, not for sentry.
i know i kinda requested that i don’t want ITE camps already.
because they talk in freaking malay.

see, being too loyal to a company is not a good thing at all.

then now, i have really no idea what to do.
everything is contradicting.

Mr Satha say degree is important
advises me to go oversea for a degree if i have to.
but i can’t bear to leave my baby in SG.
it’s University Technology of Sydney.
what course, seriously idk but i saw 2 under the science department.
Environmental Forensic, Environmental Biology.
i really dun mind going, but it’s just maybe parent’s objection and my torty…

then comes to Mrs Mariam suggestion
work in like ABC site or something.
i totally forgot the details already.
but the employer don;t want people working just a year to leave for higher education.
so then again, my degree how?

I’ve told Mr Tan Aik Nan about saying maybe going for the PSB Academy Part Time envt safety thing.
he said that there’s many different kind of jobs in the safety line.
like consultants, auditors etcetc. so no need to worry.
but then again, this should be my last choice.

this is like my downiest point of my life.
it just makes me wonder that did i waste my 8 points just to get into EWT and then failing to get into Uni.
would it just do me good to go to a neighborhood JC with my 13 points then.


Anything to say?

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