graduation ceremony on thursday

no feeling about graduation already.
i’ve already past the omg we’re gonna graduated, we won’t be meeting everyday already.

i dunno, i guessed, maybe on thursday, the feeling will be back.

my father a bit crazy want to go Marina Barrage/Marina Bay Sands ares take picture with my gown.
LOLL LOLL.ย my thoughts: why do so much, not as if i graduate with a great results. ๐Ÿ˜

i used to be so bothered about not getting good results, not getting in university.
now, i think… fuck this.
i think i’m just not cut out for studies.
not that i dun wanna go into uni anymore.
sure, i’ll try again next year.
with my PROPER choices and researches done.

if i study, i really want to get good freaking good results.
the only time that i am proud of myself was in primary5/6 when i was 2nd in class.
and for my O levels’ results.
the rest of my education life, is a bullshit results.

what to do, i’m not clever, no matter how hard i work, i’m average.


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