First camp && first program down

i’m not sure if i can or cannot talk about it since it’s work related confidential stuffs?
but i guess i should pen down/blog  about my performance and my experience.

well, i was at ITE College East Simei from 18th May till now.
&&& i’m finally back home.

did my first camp for the year ones Nitec ORs.

in short, CULTURE SHOCK.

as you guys know lahh, i’m a chinese, i dun have much contact with any malays except say SUSU & Yana.
plus the fact that they dun always talk in malay but in english.
for this, i really completely felt left out.
from the other trainers and the students.
i was seriously the ONLY chinese trainer there, not including Jialing & Cynthia [full timer batch 1].

it was tough, really tough.
i can’t seems to engage my students.
i mean, i can’t say that it’s not my fault.
i can’t blame it on inexperience too.
i can always be thick skin and mingle with them.
i guess i just didnt work hard enough.

but, i think i did a better job for the next day morning.

can’t believe i cried over this during the debrief because i felt that i didn’t managed to do my job well and that i’m hindering the kids to learn.

then, today was a short 4-5 hours program for the secondary 2 kids at Kranji Secondary School.

guessed who i saw, WeiLei’s secondary school friend, the only girl playing DOTA in their gang.
it’s was really funny coz she can recognize  me!
she was like: you’re constance? you know GSG.michelleee!
HAHAHA. that’s her DOTA nickname by the way.

after which that i know that she’s the NUS helper.
and apparently she can really talk and talk non stop.
guess i really need to learn from her.
what’s ever better was that she only had her training yesterday!

Secondary School also have some problem.
guys are being rowdy, naughty, noisy.
girls, are good lahh.
but they are not really that participating.
maybe it’s our fault that we made them bored..
but still, thank god for Edward. 😀
he’s a great speaker though we’re from the same batch.
have so much to learn from everyone.
HAHA, i think some of the girls likes him. 😆

oh well, i just hope that i am cut out for this educating job and that i will improve and facilitate like a pro soon!


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