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Went for two interviews today for the same job. HAH!

so tiring to travel tro and fro to unknown places.
almost got lost when going to Science Park II since idk how to alight.

waiting for their phone call now.

2 weeks of retail from 2 May to 12 May.
will be working continuously 14 days .

we .. shall see how i will survive through this 2 weeks. LOL!


oh yeyyyy got a call and got the job!

any girls wanna work with me in retail at Isetan from say 3 May 2011 to 12 May 2011?
6 bucks per hour, selling La senza lingerie. LOL.

any takers?
i’ll be meeting the guy that gave me this job for contract signing.
was asked to get a few girls along.

anyone free to work ???


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