4 days of updates

okayyyy. it’s 9.30 pm now as i’m writing this.
the Stars Awards show is still showing on the TV
my dearest baby torty gonna sleep in half an hour time for work tomorrow.

let’s seeeeee ..

nothing much have been changed since the last i’ve updated.
still fucking no news from the local University.
got rejected by the awesome Agape.
i can really feel the difference when i went for Camp High Achievers group interview.

hey i’m serious, no kidding.
say for a particular slide on Experiential Learning.
High Achievers skim through it like wow fast that i am so sure that nobody understand.
Agape goes through it in much details, with examples, till now i can still remember it.
okay, maybe they will go through it more during the training.

so that’s basically about it.


A little fun fact:
about a month since i started playing DOTA,
about 2 weeks since i started using Viper.


Anything to say?

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