Cold stone creameryyyyy.

meet up with Luqman todayyy. [why no girls jio me out?]
main purpose was to pass him the chewing gum that he requested.

went to Plaza Singapura for long john’s and gong cha.
i didn’t get my gong cha because i was really full already.
after which we went to Paradix Center(?) for lan gaming.

HOHO. it was 2 VS 2, we against each other with AI supporting.
i got trashed as panda for the first round. ))):
2nd round i was using Viper(!) with Tiny against him using Sand King and Axe.
yeyyyyy. we won because Tiny trashed him. ((x

P/S: mad angry when i was writing this post. UGH. ๐Ÿ‘ฟ


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