vexed x 100000

Been feeling really vexed and worried about so many things lately.

work is one of them.
started three days at Kumon already.
everytime at work, i feel like quitting.
this feeling is horrible.
i feel that their management is fucked up.
they just ask me to mark fast, dun need to bother about anything, just mark.
i cant even take that wee bit of time to see what i’m marking, to familiarise myself with the worksheets.
i cant even arrange the worksheets to mark all the same ones together.
i cant even mark the same ons using the one i’ve marked and not the answer book.
you tell me, how is this not fucked up?
why dun they just hired a robot and program it to the way they want?

i am very unhappy working there lehhh.
compared it to sakae,
i was scolded till i was almost crying the first day.
yes, i did felt like quiting too.
but i know i was scolded coz i did wrong.
plus, working with the ppl was fun too.
best part was gossiping with jolin about the customers. HOHO.
compared to finexis,
telemarketer is a totally boring job.
but i can still remember how the financial advisors treat me pretty well.
and the other telemarketers were fun to talk to too.
i didnt fall short of my quota, it’s just boring.
so i hang on too.

my back and neck pain freakingly painful.
worst, they dun like me fidgeting, anyhow sit coz of image.
wtf, i really cant take it lehhh.
okay another point, they dun really teach everything lehh.
it’s like only when i’ve make a mistake, they are like i’ve told you before blah.
in actual fact, they didnt say it before.
i’m nt the only one that experience this okay.

but quiting need fucking TWO WEEKS in advance. and who knows if they will allow me to leave.
i’m just scared that i cant get another job that work so lil days.
i wanna spend time with willy before he enlist. ))):


2 thoughts on “vexed x 100000

  1. i think he won’t enlist so early la. according to rs, those who failed ns will enlist in later? idk la but that’s what he told me.. so you sure will have more than enough time to spend with him.

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