Second day of freedom

Hihi guys, finally it’s after exams.
am blogging from my samsung jet now.

it’s the end of the 3 years poly life.
finally? it was a truely amazing experience so different from secondary school.

i’ve applied for both NTU & NUS. envt engineering being the first choice.
and i’ve missed the chance to include bachaleors in geography for NUS which i deeply regreted.

all in all, i’ve already did my upmost best in this final semester.
really all that i could do. revising my work almost everyday, studied for everything & nvr gave up.
no regrets. it was my best choice.

went to weilei’s place and learnt how to play dota from him. HAH!
my fav hero, pandaren brewmaster yeyy.
okay, though i kinda forgot what items to buy but yeh.
took the first step to actually learn but i’m not gonna play with public. NO WAY.
also went down to gek poh to buy a plant of promegranate back with his mum and bro.
there’s so many pretty flowers and cactus there. nice!!
plus e duck rice thr is superb nice too.

decided to play maple together but still didnt managed to start.
starting was his laptop cant install, now my AMK one cant. BOOHOOO.
I’ve decided on the class already. evan yey.
researched on all the necessary info already do i can start whenever my laptop can.

hopefully, i can find a part time work to earn some cash while waiting to enter uni.
hopefully i’m accepted into NTU’s ENE.
*praying really harddddd*


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