HIHI guys, a new post after so long.

PIC common test 2 was super crap despite it being open book and all.
for once i felt like this was my worst paper.
even cannot be compared to clean water tech that i’ve gotten a C for.

hmm, what else?
there’s a ABC test tomorrow, theory one though.
thank god there’s no calculation test for it.
HAH to theory but i have no idea what to study for.

tomorrow is officially the last day of school for us.
after which will be the surge of tests and exams.
good luck to us all and to all the graduating year 3.

it will be the last time i have a chance to see my torty everyday in school already.
no more chance, it will be NS and sembcorp bond for him after this.
i really have no idea how often i will be seeing him after tomorrow.

feels damn sad, i wanna cry already.
but i have to get used to it soon.
if not, by the time he enlist i’ll be even more sad.

i dunno i dunno i dunno AHHHHHH.
yes i know i’m very demanding for his attention. :/

i wanna go into NTU, please for god’s sake accept me pleaseeeeee?


One thought on “HIHI guys, a new post after so long.

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