Happy 365 days together.

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A year already, finally.
so many fights, quarrels,  tears, angry times, sad times.
but more often then not there’s still the happy and sweet times tooo.

this relationship makes me realized that no guys can be the perfect one.
no guys can always be there not complaining.
no guys can be super duper sweet anytime.
no guys can always place the girlfriend at the top priority.

but it’s okay, coz i know that a relationship will not just have it’s sweet times.
there’s the fight, the tears, the sadness to even things out,
and that’s the chance for us to understand each other even better.

i cant wait for the rest of my life to start.
the rest of my life with my love.

with a little house , with his parents,  cooking meals for him (speaking of this i really wanna learn to cook like my grandma), cleaning the house together, with our little habits clashing together then adjusting to fit us the best way, sleeping and waking up to him just next to me.

but i know it will not be as easy as it sounds too.
i am willing to try really really hard for all this to happen.
it’s just a year, i cant wait for many more to come.
3 years, 5 years, 10 years. 

i think i have said way too much of how much I love my torty,
but nevertheless, once more …



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