WISP (World Issues: A Singapore Perspective) project is finally over

this is by far the most amazing, relaxing, cooperating, interesting project ever.
i’m not kidding, i think we really work together well in this group.
i seriously wish that every project can be like this.

we meet up so many more times then any other projects.
every time we meet up will chit chat and of course still do the work required.
it was really fun and relaxing, something i least expect with people we never work before.
it was never awkward but funny that by now WeiLei still dun have their number. HAH. 😛
Alicia was always our middle man. HAHAHAA. 😆

Rwanda itself is pretty interesting and pretty confusing too.
thank god we managed to understand its history.
and lucky for us, we watched Hotel Rwanda while preparing the presentation.
but sadly our last part of presentation wasn’t well done.
what a pity, but it was my part. 😦

HAHAHA, i cannot understand why Jocelyn feel that this is stressful.
HOHO, i truly believe in good, caring and considerate teammates with chemistry. 😀


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