NTU talk plus Kolem Ayer Campfire

Picture with the minister after the coolest campfire ever !!

went for the NTU talk today, but it was like boring. HOHOHO.
more of like it doesnt really add on to anything that we have already knew.
HAH to the  “interested in saving the world” for their reason for choosing environmental engineering.
and i have actually found my second choice for university courses.
Bachelor of science (honours) in chemistry and biological chemistry.
super different from my EWT right?? but you know whyyyy?
coz we can choose to concentrate in food science technology (!!!!), green chemistry and medicinal chemistry.

in secondary 2 when i started aiming for poly courses i started with chemistry n process technology in mind.
coz can concentrate in food science technology tooo.
but after that it became a separate diploma on its own.
and the reason why i chose ewt first was coz it has lower COP then that, and also quite interested in envt also.
so yahhh, i was like why not have that as back up?
obviously i haven’t done my relevant research about its GPA COP. lol lol.

HAHHAA, but i’m pretty scared of restarting a new area in university.
coz it’s like its sure gonna be harder since it isn’t a familiar area.
plus it’s gonna be science, theory OMG organic chemistry plus biology?!?!
i am so gonna ask them on this course if i go for NTU open house.

but of coz i would much rather go into environmental engineering again lahhh.
no matter how freaking tough it is for direct entry to 2nd year.
haizzzz, have to freaking pray that i can enter lor.

plus there’s the Renaissance Engineering Program in NTU that wants the cream of the crop.
however the person at the booth was saying as long as GPA 3.0 can liao.
coz it was new and its a flagship program. LOL white mouse again like in EWT.
but my eyes literally lit up at GPA 3.0. LOL. 3rd choice maybe? coz it involves designing toooo.
i’m sure it’s not gonna be easy to study or get in as well, need to go for interview one.

soooo, i’m back to square one OMFG. 😐

okayyyyyy, talk about the campfire.

it was freaking nice, enjoyable, funny and unique.
you know my kind of campfires are always the guides kind.
sing songs, cheers, bondings.
maybe this is a public kind so it’a a little different.
it was mostly of games and performances.
super little of songs yeh.
just the campfire’s burning && the friendship dance.
we had a super duper fun time with the minister toooo.

they have a creative way of doing the opening ceremony.
using a sparkler to lit up a string to let it slowly go to the campfire then burn.
the only bad point is that they uses water for the closing ceremony.
coz that creates large amount of smoke. sand will be a better choice.

there’s a little kid that’s always super hyper and runs about.
freaking cute toooo. ;D

sighs, the old days of guiding and campfires.
how i missed it so.

it was the first time i enjoyed a campfire after graduating from queenstown.
hehhhh, i remember baking the refreshments with huiyu !!


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