out like almost the whole day

collecting  pictures at city square mall for ECM project 2.

went to get poke and suffer from the chinese sensei.
whoaaa, the acupuncture is like … pain as first but okay when get used to.
i was like, stiff. scared that if i move i’ll like move the needles or something.
it’s like poke in your skin, then get pushed further in.
that maybe 10 minutes was like super long.
i was kinda like shivering? shaking? jerking? 😐

then i did the cupping message again.
this time it was 12 of it.
coz i said i felt pain and stiff after the acupuncture.
then just cupped it for like 2 minutes?
this time i think he cup it more tight coz it was a little more painful.

i just hope that my back will not be pain anymore.
it has been at least a year plus.
i don’t even remember the feeling of a normal back. 😦
shall start drinking the medicine from tomorrow onwards.

bought the Ped Egg from Guardian finally.
a whooping 22 bucks plus.
but indeed it works perfectly fine.
i have a pretty smooth heel now. yeyyy. 8)
i am so gonna use it on WeiLei. 😡


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