welcoming 2011

i’m not sure if anyone would be interested in me recapping the whole year even though it seems like its a norm to do so.
idk, it’s not as if my whole year and whole life is exciting and filled with many many events anyway. 😡

my final third year of polytechnic.
6 months internship at center of innovation.
final semester with 9 modules.
being together with my dearest torty baby.
fahrenheit autograph session in singapore.

these seems like the more eventful ones.
i shall not say anything about being with weilei one.
let that be reserved to our first year anniversary.
(this will be a whole long essay i think. :?)

final year is indeed more stressful, even till now.
but for me, i just feel that being a student is like this.
homework, projects, assignments, stress, tests, exams.
they are all a package of being a student.
that’s why i never complained about them.

till now i still dunno if my choice of taking the internship path was right or wrong.
till now i still dunno if choosing Dr Jason with Winnie was right or wrong.
i think i became a bit more skeptical about stuffs that need grading after this.
grades and marks became a little more important after getting a B+ for INT6.

2nd time going for their autograph session.
1st time going with forum friend.
1st time not queuing for their autograph.
1st time just being a cameraman and still get pretty squashed up.
the next time, i’m going with lei ting. 🙂

i realised that this year, i learnt how to eat yogurt.
cried even more than before.
started learning to hate/dislike people other then my mother.

Anything to say?

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