6 papers down, 1 more to go. HURRAYYYYY!!

10 days to Christmas, 14 days to my birthday, 16 days to 2011

OMG, can’t believe that we have tests for the past 3 weeks already.
9 modules is seriously not just for anyone.

MST on friday, gonna study hard, real hard, i hope.
cure me of Neopets addiction. HAHAHHA !!
a list of freebies for you guys, if you do play neopets that is.

and then it’s the 2 weeks holidays.
even is it’s holidays, there seems to be a lot of things to do too.
projects, assignments, report, e-learning.

i wanna go out during the holidays, who wanna jio me out ??
pretty pleaseeee ?  🙄


Anything to say?

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