time for a proper post abt FRH AS

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very simple, those that have black flimy borders are mine.
i screen cap them from my videos. LOL!

fahrenheit feilunhai autograph session at novena square 2.

i was at the venue by 10.15am or so, when it was stated to start at 12.30pm.
buttt yikesssss, piggyval and her friends was sooooo lateee.
they reach at about 11 plus, but i was already surrounded by so many people.
ended up i was kinda alone until i gave up filming them.

after which went up to level 2 by the escalator, then that’s when the actual filming taking pictures started.
unblocked view oh yeyyy, but our cameras cheated us.
coz the videos and pictures looks so clear inside lahhhh.
then when we were clearing and filtering out it became so blurrrr.

anywayyy, i took damn long compressing the videos and adding watermark.
am in the process of uploading to youtube already. my youtube channel.
yes, i do know that they are superrrrr shakyyyy, IDK why my hands like that. 😥

okay, thought and feeling about the autograph session.
it feels supper intense as compared to last year one.
maybe coz i stay with them from the start to the end.
and also, i wasn’t as nervous tooo,
coz i dun have that really heart pumping as i felt when i step onto the stage last year.
this time, it’s only seeing them from afar, being their silent fan. ^^
it felt even messier outside the barricade then the inside.
coz of the smaller lanes of twist and turn, inside queuing shld have a better life.
i was stepped on like IDK how many times, shoes is a must,  i forgot. 😦
Jasmine and gang taught me this the last time i went with them last year.

3 hours  plus of standing really takes its toll on us,
much worst are those that queue since midnight or something.
anyway, autograph session its always an experience no one will understand except fangirls. HAH!

awww man, still missing FAHRENHEIT till now.
was singing/humming Ji Xu Ai in class mannnnn.
i think this time i took a much longer time to heal from the withdrawal. .. 🙄


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