emo againnnn :(

haiz, this is like so fking sian lah.
i studied so much for EMS yesterday and before..
in the end, what i get is a almost half a paper gone kind of grades.
seriously, i’m not kidding. 12 marks calculations WHOLE thing gone.
i can’t do anything for it, just have to pray that my theory can make it.
idk, got a feel that i’ve lost quite a few marks for the theory parts too.
for your info, the whole paper is only worth 50 marks.
a calculations question like this, poof, 1/4 a paper gone.
then plus a few 3, 6 marks theory gone.
seeee, that’s where i was saying half a paper is gone.

kills the feel to study for IWT.
tonight just feel like rotting, slacking.
SITEX tomorrow tooo, no time already lahhhh. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ


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