your representational systems

In NLP, Representational systems are the ways we access, process and store information once it is received through the five senses.

even though the picture/slide shows that there’s 5 senses, normally only people uses the Visual, Audio and Kinesthetic.
it’s like how often do you associate things with their smell or their taste?
unless you’re talking about food of course. HAH!

we all have a little survey done to access which is our preferred rep system,
but many of us, including me, think that it’s not so accurate.
LOL, maybe coz we think too much when we answers the questions.

anyway, i can send you all the test questions if you guys are interested.
comment here (since i’ll have your email if you do so), MSN me, or etc. 🙂


there’s also a way to visually see the person’s preferred rep system by seeing their eye movement. (see above picture)
by observing how people eyes move in that instance, you can see how he/she thinks.
whether if he/she is using their visual, auditory, auditory digital or kinesthetic mind to think.
but of course, some thing require only a certain part.
ie: if you’re asking about the colour of something, he/she can only look upper right to recall the colour.
and if you are asking about how does something feel, they can only look to the bottom left.
PS/ this picture represent a right hander person and that it that the picture’s face is facing you.

for me, i was told that i have a reverse brain, ie: my constructed and kinesthetic side is on your right.
and that from how my tutor observe me when chatting with me, he say i’m more towards kinesthetic.
but my answers from the questionnaire shows that i’m auditory. 😐

there are also a whole lot of slides showing how the different rep system have different personalities.
haiya, if you guys are really interested, slides also can send you lah. 8)


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