3rd MQE lessons

today seems strangely weird, cant really remember these presuppositions being taught.

anyway, these are the three presuppositions taught last week:

  • The map is not the territory it depicts
  • People always make the best choice they can at the time given their map of the world
  • Every behaviour has a positive intention

simply state, the map you have in your mind is not your limitations.
ie: like how you think/stereotype you can do this, this is untrue.
that is only your mental restriction.

for the 2nd point, it’s like how you always think back on your responds and feel that that’s childish/a bad choice.
but at that point of time when you are making your decision, you don’t right?
to always make better choice, you have to learn more stuffs, open up,
so that you can have more choices to make thus you will make a better choice.

everybody’s behavior ALWAYS comes with positive intention.
say your teacher/parents scold you, that’s coz they want you good ; whether you like it anot.
say a rapist,  his positive intention is for satisfying his needs.
of coz you can’t say just coz of his positive intention then you let him be. LOL!
that is just to illustrate that no matter the behavior to ppl is good or bad, there is always a good intention behind it.

so  now for the rest of the presupposition taught today that i can’t really absorb.

  • The mind and body are one
  • If you want to understand – Act
  • I am in charge of my mind and therefore my result
  • There is no failure, only feedback (when you learn from the lesson)
  • When I believe it, I will see it

you know how people always chant “mind over body” in NS?
yes, that is true as well, but the mind and body is link too.
ie: you can’t be happy when you are slouchy and looking at the floor.
and how you can’t possibly be sad when you are bouncy up and down, standing tall and straight.
you can use this to break through the feelings of sadness or anger that you dun wanna dwell on.

the second one basically just means that for you to understand, you have to act it out.
like ppl describing their driving experiences, you wun understand until you do it.

okay, i really dunno how to explain the third one, skip.

for the case of Thomas Edison, he have to fail 999(+?) times to invent the light bulb.
but to him, these are  not perceive as failures, but ways to NOT make a light bulb
these are just feedbacks, stepping stones to success.
so therefore, you dun fail, you just have feedbacks.

the last 0ne; people always think that when they see the results, then they will believe in it.
but it’s wrong, as long as you believe in something, you will see it.
an example: long time ago, ppl challenged if it is possible to run 1 mile (1.62km) in under 4 min.
no one believe nor did it, until a guy who’s taking a PHD in neuro science did it.
and then, within 2 weeks of the record, 4 people all over the world broke the record.
seee, you dun have to see it to believe that it can work.



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