finally gotten my lappy back

it was a hell of experience i tell you.

called the Fujitsu people since 5.30pm all the way till 6 plus.
called and called no body picked up my phone.
changed to using my house phone, KNS straight away picked up.
you tell me how can i dun believe they blacklisted my mobile number?

chiong-ed all the way down to Funan, reached by 6.48pm.
asked about the driver and all,
advised me to download all the Window 7 drivers that was just out a few days back.
did so and the application panel and my scroll key is working now (!!!)
maybe the corrupted operating system is solved now.
changed a new motherboard too, since it flicked and was spoiled. free.

phew, 3 weeks without my laptop.

plus i have installed the new MSN messenger 2011 tooo.
tomorrow’s the presentation for ECM project.
even though i feel that our slides are little, idk what else to add.
anyway, Wei Lei already submitted online already.
15 marks, i hope we scored, i hope we can do well, i hope we present well.

time to return his PSP. HAHAHA.
oh and yeh, i fucking killed the fucking irritating Garuru. ๐Ÿ˜ˆ


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