only 2 hrs of lessons tomorrow.

idk to be happy anot, i dun want to risk the teacher rushing having to cramp the topics.

today, i realise that my calculator has been jerking me the whole 3 years in poly.
fuck, was so angry and upset that i almost wanted to scold fuck.
(okay, ppl you know no matter how vulgar i am i only dare to type out the word “fuck” and not literally saying it out.)
you know how angry i was at myself for choosing EWT in NP?
i was so regret that i didn’t put DEWT in SP for my first choice 3 years back.
i was so regretful that i didn’t notice the alarm ring when i saw that EWT is in engineering school.
i shld very well go to DEWT where by it’s in the school architecture and the built environment .
oh well, they have to learn ABC too, in fact it’s part of their course structure.

it was just a moment of anger lah, really. 😐
someone just get me a new scientific calculator please?


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