think i’m being -ve here …

i’m gonna update my blog while being lazy to do my ECM project.

this whole week have been trying to get back on track
to gear up and study like mad. LOL. >.<

anyway, so far the modules that are taught are relatively okay to handle.
i mean, yeh i understand, i listen in class, nothing that i dun really understand.
but i cant guarantee that i can score well.
it has always been like this, it’s not that i dun understand the modules,
it’s not that i didnt listen in class, my results just ended up like shit.
i really have no idea leh, well, for this week at least i did revise daily.
i hope i can keep up this routine.  😀
i’m not smart, what else can i do except being super hardworking to study everyday

enough of this, first week already done with 2 homework.
the ECM survey, the EMS – energy management system tutorial cum research.
did some summary for ABC – Active Beautiful Clean water management.
year three is tough, and this is only the beginning, i can sense it. 😐
some more, this first week is so slack …
i really have no idea what to expect ..

but seriously, i hate how we end at like 6pm almost all the time
i hate how torty gets so tired then wun feel like sending me back
i hate how there isn’t like any free time i can see to for dating …


Anything to say?

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