Mind Quest, something like NLP [neuro-linguistic programming]
and what is it about?

Neuro is what goes on in the brain and nervous system,
Linguistic is the way that we use words, and,
Programming is an interactive process which allows us to make very precise choices about the way we think, speak and feel.

Lecturer is Peter Phan, unique surname, i wonder how to write that in Chinese. 😉

you know, now that i’m actually seeing the powerpoint i realised that he didn’t really go through all.
or was it that i wasn’t paying attention? HAHA.

anyway, it was mainly about how you can’t blame that you don’t have the resources to be successful. ie: luck, money, blah.
because, you just need to be a little creative, read up a little more and all.
haiya, idk if i’m explaining it properly but it was along that line.
Like our brain are made up of the same things. ie: 1000 billion neurons.
so, we can basically just change our behavior, how we do things to be more successful.

then the slides were about the benefits of NLP:

  1. NLP helps you find out what you want and how you can achieve it.
  2. NLP teaches you to communicate more effectively.
  3. NLP increases your sensitivity towards others body language and signals and teaches you to maintain good relationships with those close and not so close to you.
  4. NLP opens doors to hidden resources, improves your ability to focus, your ability to learn and paves the way for new possibilities.
  5. NLP changes your behaviour positively so that you can handle negative experiences and eliminate phobias, stress, guilty feelings and depression.

last but not least: NLP is not an intellectual exercise, it is an experiential adventure. The Learning is in the Doing.


Anything to say?

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