My first day in the last semester

feeling so shag so tired now
shld be because of overwhelmed stuffs, back and muscle ache bah.

bought my notes and stuffs alrdy. hoping that there’s no more. =.=
it was 41.90, super expensive can, 6 – 8 notes in total i guess.
bag was super heavy, bet it got arnd 2 kg lor!

so many notes, so depressing.
it’s like there’s so many things to study in this semester.
only 4 months lah, what the heck. /faint

ECM – energy conservation management.
one project already came in. due on the third week, with weilei, about clean tech.

IWT – industrial wasewater treatment.
two chaptets taught, relatively okay.
it’s like WRT lor, not tough.
more of like very easy to mix up coz there’s like many many industries.

PIC – process instrutmental and control.
this shld be a killer module, heard from everyone else.
looks tough with all the graphs everywhere.
teacher says laplace transform important.
oh ohhh, i totally forgot what it is, hopefully i can pull through.

all in all, i just hope that this sem with 9 core modules and all wun pull down my cumulative GPA.
it’s alrdy that bad leh, wtf. please leh, i need to go NTU lahh.


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