back from msia

okays, I’m finally back from the KL trip.
pictures in my camera, upload when i get my laptop back or something.
using my old Windows XP desktop now.
orry for the lack of updates. HAHA.
almost 5 days overseas plus holidays before that didn’t really do much as well.

shall update about the trip tomorrow or something.
UGH, laptop, i want you back.
Fujitsu called me n smsed me when i was in KL.
said something about the parts nedd around 1 – 3 weeks.
OMG, how, what if by school reopen still haven’t get it back?

feels funny using the desktop here.
coz my bro using his laptop besides. s o …
plus i dun like ppl seeing me blogging.

so uh huh, proper blog post with pictures either when my lappy’s back or from jet?
but if using jet then of course no pictures. LOL LOL.


Anything to say?

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