fk the hols.

this whole week have been such a bore.
you think holidays would naturally means fun?
piece of shit man. just plain boredom.

i seriously would very much prefer working again.
at the very least i’ll have something to do.
and that i’ll be about to see torty everyday..
unlike now, it has been 2/3 days since i last saw him 😥

i just hope that whatever plans for next week can go on smoothly.
dun tell me halfway some shit things happen again.
wild wild wet (?), his place, macritchie / elsewhere.

wah lao i fucking hate holidays.
some fucking useless thing.
makes people eat and eat and become more fat only.

haiz, life’s depressing. 😦

everyday wake up see people have plans on make me so depress.
people out there enjoying while i’m always stuck at home.
because someone just dun wanna spend money and would rather cope at home then to see me. 🙄


2 thoughts on “fk the hols.

  1. CHILLX luh girl! Don’t so depress, haiyoooo! It’s just holidays.. Besides holidays only last for how long sia?! Go KL you also can see him what? Then by then school also almost starting and you can see him for almost EVERYDAY lor! Be zi zhu and look on the bright side lahhh. HAIYO!

    1. haiz. but jiu even if it’s school time and yes i see him also never go out dating one,
      then its like holidays also never go out, school term also never. whole year 365 days never. )):

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