wah fuck le, i hate iluma. fuck the security guard.
tell me the level 7 sky garden cant seat, cant take photos.
just photos of us or if not a couple of the scenery what.
some more must delete. WTF. you seriously sure got that rule meh.
everything leh, EVERYTHING gone.
fine lor, one whole day no photos.
eat also not nice. stupid. fucked up le.
stupid hotpot stuffs.

iluma, you better reply my email with a proper explanation.

fuck, KOI also like some shit.
totally dun understand why people so crazy over it.
where got nice, worst then sweet talk can.

whole day like some fuck like that.
morning swimming pool closed for maintenance.

what the fuck’s wrong with today sio.


5 thoughts on “FML.

      1. Normally Rs will buy hazelnut milk tea. Not bad! Can go try? (: But KOI actually not bad.. Too sweet is bad for health you know. Plus KOI you can choose the level of sweetness you want!! 😀

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