of shows and sports.

holidays has been boring.
well, just watching “It Started With A Kiss
now i understand why ppl start to fall in love with Jiro in ISWAK.
oh my god, he’s so innocent, cute, determined and all.

am going swimming tomorrow, Wednesday, Thursday.
hope i mean what i say. LOL. :/

IS selection tomorrow, scared cant get what i want..

oh and yeh, went praying today for Confucius’s  birthday.
every year also go pray, but like not much difference leh.
maybe is i pray then got this kind of average results.
if not… GPA of 2.5, maybe? who knows man.
i really wanna reach a point whereby a single drop in 0.001 GPA can mess me up.
coz i’m too perfect that i cant endure a single decimal difference. LOL.
GAHHH, dream on, dream on mannnnn..
wish that i can be  Jiang Zi Shu man, IQ of 200. :/


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