results on friday

results has been out for a day already and i still havent blogged about it.
yeh, not that satisfying a result that i’m looking for.
but, still kinda glad that i didnt get much worst.

i seriously have no idea where in the world is wrong.
i dun think that my presentation is that bad le.
and i thought that my report is pretty alright tooo.
feels so sian that i dun even know what i do wrong.
UGH. even though i manage to get an alright GPA
i really doubt my abilities to maintain it.

i hope my determination to chiong for the next semester can last.
i can’t see any future beside going to uni..

i kinda think i made a wrong choice to enter EWT.
i shld have enter DEWT in SP.
i really think that i’m not a really hands on felle.
maybe i’m more suitable for office work bah.
i’m so sucky in calculations …   😦

depress again. BOOHOOOOO.


Anything to say?

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