eventful saturday

went to see the prudential financial consultant at her office today.
well, she explained stuffs about PruSave and PruFlexiCash.
actually buy is can buy lah,
just if i got enough money to support before i start working anot.

AHHHH, have to start thinking about this le,
Amy wants an answer by monday. LOL.

after which had lunch with WeiLei at Vivo.
since i’m meeting my guides there too.
simple lunch at Super Dog.
their hotdog is really nice. i like!

then i’m off to meet them.
walk and walk around aimlessly.
then settle at the coffee bean to catch up.
with them having fun asking questions about me and WeiLei.
LOL. ย rarely meet them but like this talk crap session once a blue moon also fun lah.
but it’s always at Vivo for no reason. ^^
Kbox session on 8 october. i hope i can go. ๐Ÿ™‚


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