today me and WeiLei went to a seminar by prudential.
invited by Yana’s financial consultant. LOL.
the seminar was quite interesting, learnt many new stuffs.
though i know a little before already. HAHAHA.
after which we shall see what Amy has to offer. :/
she seems different from another prud FC that i encountered last time.
since she said that she gives clients value added services too.
sounds like she does the work of an Independent Financial Advisor (IFA) as well.
like all the analyze blah blah. at least better den FCs that just give the product info.
hmmm, torty seems pretty interested in getting a plan.

then took bus to velocity wanted to look for swimming stuffs for WeiLei.
in the end failed terribly.  dun wanna talk much about it. oh well.
never mind, take things as it comes, dun think going swimming tomorrow already.
at most i go swim solo. HAHAHAHA.

torty being kind took many many photos with me. (((:
added many more to our album collection. (x

even wearing that darn high wedges still shorter than him. D:
HAH, good, at least this means that i can wear heels when i’m with him.


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