watching last week’s 綜藝大國民 now

new heels/wedges i’ve bought at the John Little sales at Marina Square (L) ❤
seriously damn love this. a little similar to the one spotted yesterday.
my mum was saying it’s from the same brand but i dun remember leh.
come to think of it, yesterday’s one is nicer. LOL, but higher heels. =.=

got a sony earpiece from COMEX, the normal not in ear kind for my lappy.
yellow lime like colour. by the way i’m using it now. 😀

also got a black cooler ball for WeiLei.
my dad crazy coz the shop has a buy 3 get 1 free promo
then he just get 4 of the cooler balls. LOL. -_-
2 for his and my brother’s one, then another spare one to keep.

HAHAHA. oh well, a fruitful trip though legs are tired.


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