it’s Monday! 4 days to Friday.

(read the title in Cruz Teng‘s tone. HAH.)

okays, it’s back to work time, but still waiting for my skim milk before i can do some work. HAHAHAHA.
went back home yesterday night, dinner ate at Bukit Timah Market with WeiLei.
since Boss went back at 2pm, Boss and Val think left at around 4pm.
How sad, the whole apartment only have me, WeiLei and Yana.

Satarday morning and afternoon was so boring, only us 2 in the loft playing laptop.
even more sian when he’s watching some new HK drama and didnt bother about me. )):
then 6 plus, the rest came YAY! finally some noises in the apartment.
then is off the Mad Jack. Eeee they cheated us 15 bucks for a jug of watermelon juice that tasted so normal.
at night was slacking time. and of course the surprise for WeiLei !!
that i wasn’t even too sure off. HAHA. oh well, PH accidentally destroy the surprise element. LOL.
the chocolate cake/brownie that Yana bake was nice, albeit a little too sweet. =.=
then midnight was spent playing Yana’s mystery game: Raven Heart.
KNS, took so much time to solve the whole game till like 2.40am
went back room wanna sleep jiu hear Su’s alarm rang at like 3am plus.
dragged till 4.30am then we went off to Mac for them to break fast.
ordered Big Breakfast YAY! surprising that so early and there’s quite many people eating Mac already.
after that we went back to sleep till about 11am plusplus.
after Daddy WeiLei tuck them aka Su, Val, Boss, Yana in to sleep.  -_-

actually the whole loft thing was quite a mess.
since there wasn’t even a point of time when we were all together.
oh well, next time, if there is of course.
but it feels really good to just slack like this, though boring.
pictures with SuSu. ~~


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