am at LOFT@94 now!

Ran 3.5 km in 25 minutes, so failure that i cant jog all the way.
walk/brisk walk like for half the journey. =.=
then, PH and WeiJin was playing basketball with random people.
me and WeiLei was doing random things like pumping, frog jumps up the grand stand.
so weak so weak, tsk tsk. this shall not be the last time to run that.
must make a point to run this kind of distance at least 2 times a week? HAH.

and LOL KNS the geotagging thingy here and tweetdeck.
put me in PIE so OMG can. zzz. must manually click to Kismis Ave.

hmmm, Avatar later, since i haven’t complete the 3 season.
toodles, most probably won’t sleep that early today.
after all, we just came back not long only, i wanna play com !


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