outing at bugis

HAHAHA, so we didnt kept to the original plan.
at first wanted to go henderson wave but there’s not enough time alrdy.
but it’s ok still, there’s always a next time.
marina bays sands sky garden, henderson wave, blahblah.

yey to neoprints! so long in idk how many years. HAHA.
waiting for boss to scan in and post on facebook.
and su & winn camera pictures.

and OMG was a happy girl yesterday!
torty dearest and i finally got couple rings :DD
at first set to after a year.
but after a year, he will be going army soon.
then no meaning to get that then wear so so short period of time mah.
so tada, we decided to push forward. ^^

i wanna go ice skating
i wanna go sing K.
i wanna go helix bridge walk walk.


Anything to say?

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