time for the weekly post. LOL.

wah this is dumb, i have only been updating during the weekends.

this whole week past by in a breeze, so fast.
it’s gonna be the end of attachment soon.
i wonder if we can extend our internship. hmmm.
talked to Dr Jason about it but still not confirm though.
Yana and WeiLei already confirmed already.

this whole week was about rushing of  final report.
it’s finally done and i have a single digit for the safe assign hooray!
confirm with Mr Alfred Tan on our presentation to him.
oh no it’s next thursday. and he skeleton of it is still not up.

and we booked loft yey!
but my mum still havent sign the form. )):
i hope i can go, UGH.

today was awesome coz i spent quality time with torty.
watched avatar the last air bender. ^^
it’s good, love the effects. make me wanna watch the anime.
we all bet that there will be a sequel.
since the starting of the movie wrote book / chapter 1: water.
there’s sure gonna be some continuation.
but the mammoth is so ugly, anime’s one nicer.

well, that basically sums up the whole week. :DD


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