random picture post ahead

from left to right from top to bottom:

  • the very very mini champagne grapes that i love.

quote my grandma, eating them bunch by bunch very song. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • then is my 89 bucks god damn expensive shoes.

hoping that it will last like more then a year.
i just realise i would be more willing to buy MUA’s products.

  • the stray cat that’s outside my neighbour’s door.
spotted it when i was going home yesterday night.
so cute eh? the normal orange ginger cat. MEOW.
my mum still go upfront want stomp the cat away.
  • my ultra bright pink nails
cut and painted them just now.
think it’s a little too bright for me though.
okays, here’s the very random picture post.
HAH. while they aka willy, su, winn are fighting in MSN.

Anything to say?

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