the bunch of us book loft for tuesday all the way to friday.
coz we wanna finish up our final report draft. HAHAHA.
it was an awesome stay, thought the procedures to book was indeed a lil irritating.

me and weilei have a master bedroom all to ourself !!!
plus the first night was only me and him for the whole apartment.
AWESOME shit okays. :DDD

of course there is a little work done.
but there’s fun as well. teeheee. ^^
talk crap session and we ordered MAC on the second night.
eating supper makes me fat. )):
me and weilei both said that staying at loft makes us fatter.
my stomach become rounder and fatter. ))):

oh well, loft again during hols i hope.
with the whole of our clique. :3

okays, so draft was already submitted.
and i got 6% plagiarism for the dumb safeassign.
LOL. i only submitted 3 chapters which i wrote myself de.
lousy software. even figures numbers also kena. =.=
finaly report submission to come soon.
even the final so many presentation is coming soon too.
attachment is ending soon as well.
and which means hols is here, i wonder wad i will be doing then
i dun wanna rot at home noooooooo. ~  GAH.


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