got a nightmare just now.
woke me up at 6 am plus plus.

it was something like a bomb threat.
or worst. (come to think of it i didnt see a bomb.)
like some powerful device that can make you explode instantly.
it was like 2 other people got it. like think i see on news.
then idk why the target was on me.
then my friends? or ppl i know plus my mum was researching for a way to counter this.
and the result was like sleep on top of huge amounts of hay
then light it up which is like at least better then getting bomb.
in hope of destroying the device?
(come to think of it’s lagi worst. 3rd degree burn is worst)
then next scene was me on the bed next to my mother
like how the last time the arrangement was.
i even dreamt of the metal bed frame side by side, in that room (not mine)
and then there’s a yellow bird, hummingbird? on top of my head on the bed.
just right beside my phone. like as if that bird was to determine my GPS location
to kill more accurately or something. then i went to pick it up and throw it outside the window.
funny, the bird didnt struggle. randomly i thought that bird was my friend.
and then idk from where another bird. sharp beak.
i rmb taking it as well then it bite me, can kinda feel the pain.
then went back to the bed. after that it was a message from Wei Lei.
i still remember the content was in caps: half hour more !!!
after that i rmb being scared. and then i woke up already.


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